2 years ago on March 19, 2012
Logan Whitmore. Michael Trevino. Intern. Plastic surgery. Awaiting admission. 

Logan is the pretty boy of his family and when he told them he wanted to become a plastic surgeon they laughed at him and told him he didn’t have what it takes.

Is originally from California but moved to Seattle in hopes to become a plastic surgeon at Seattle Grace.

Often complains about the amount of rain in Seattle and that he misses the sunny beaches of California.

Doesn’t like to talk about his family with anyone, even Chloe.

It was his family’s lack of faith that drove him to work hard and not let anything stop him from becoming a plastic surgeon.

Is not happy about being put on Izzie’s rotation as he has no interest in general surgery what so ever and he doesn’t hide that fact either.

When he wants something he doesn’t let any one get in his way, even Chloe.

Logan is an ass a lot of the time, and for that reason doesn’t have many friends at the hospital but he does get on with Wes and Karev.

Is currently on probation and is banned from the OR until further notice for punching a patient’s parent and is stuck on scutwork for now.

Tries to get close to Lexi to get her to convinced Sloan to have him taken off of Izzie’s roation and put on to his.

Currently lives on his own in a small apartment but spends most nights at Chloe’s.

Thinks Baze still has feelings for Chloe and likes to rub their relationship in his face.

Bonded with Emilia over their mutual hatred for Baze. 

Logan Whitmore. Michael Trevino. Intern. Plastic surgery. Awaiting admission.

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